I got to the parking area around 8:15 and was surprised to find that it already looked like the Clinch weir parking area on a Saturday afternoon. People were all over the place. I had strung up my rod at home, so I jumped out of the car and hit the trail. When I got down into the stream, I found wet boot prints all over the place. I fished for an hour or so, but didnít see the first fish. I sat down to eat a piece of bagel and change flies. I looked upstream and saw someone pretty far ahead of me boulder hopping up the stream. I waved at him to see if we could fish together to no avail. In my opinion, fishing behind someone in the mountains is quite unproductive. I decided to break down my rod and hit the trail for several more miles. I wanted to put some significant distance between the two of us, because I wanted to get into some un-spooked fish, but at the same time, I didnít want to ruin his trip.
I hiked the main trail for a few miles, got on some sort of game trail for a while, then emerged from the Rhodo on some nice looking water.

The fishing was ok. Dries only, nothing on nymphs, which I was surprised at. I even tried the skank fly green weenie. I used different colors of stimulators most of the day. Mostly rainbows, with some specks mixed in.

Fishing still didnít seem right, big pools that usually held 2-3 hungry fish werenít producing much more than a slap from a small fish, and sometimes nothing. I then found more wet boot prints so I decided to call it a day and make my way back to the car. Still a beautiful day, and I was glad to get out and enjoy the morning, have a nice hike, catch a few fish and make it back home by early afternoon.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.