I know this isn't really the right place for this post but I couldn't find a catagory to place it under in this forum:

I need some help with a Thanksgiving turkey....My son, wife and I are traveling to Gatlinburg on November 17 and will be there through T'giving. We will actually be staying in Pigeon Forge. Does anyone know where i can procure a fried turkey for Thanksgiving or a baked turkey would suffice? I know here, where i live, sometimes church or other groups will fry turkeys for a fee.

I also am interested in suggestions for a Bakery to purchase a b'day cake...the wife's b'day falls on T'giving day this year.

I am sure we will be paying a visit to the LRO shop (mulitple times) over our stay. Hope to meet some of you folks from this forum while i'm in town.