I'm back in Erie PA for a week of steelhead fishing. I was able to get out this morning for 5 hours. The am hours were overcast, cold, sleet that turned to rain. About noon, the sun came out, and the fish stopped biting. Lack of rain this fall has made all the streams very low. Not a big fish run.

A lot of fishermen out today. I really do not like fishing the weekends. I'm going to hit it hard during the week.

Anyways, had a good time. Landed some fish, missed some fish, took few pics. Most of the fish where 3-4 pounds - about 24". Those are the good jumpers. I hooked a larger fish, it came to the surface, rolled, took-off, then broke the line. I'm guessing it was 8 pounds. It was a lot longer and wider than the pics below.

My goal is to land a Brown this week.