Well since the worst day fishing is still better than work I decided to fish the high tides this weekend. On Saturday I was out on the flat at sunrise. It was 40 degrees, the wind was blowing and it was cold.

For an hour and a half I walked the flat without seeing anything that could even remotely be considered a redfish. I was getting ready to leave when I looked to me left, and about 75 yards away I see a tail.

I moved as rapidly I could in that direction, got in good casting position (the best for me in the wind is so the wind is not blowing the fly in my direction), and he hammered it. Faught him all the way to my feet. As I was getting ready to grab the fish with my boga, he came off. My hands were just too cold to put in the water, so I gave him a nudge with the boot and off he went. It was about a 25-26 inch fish.

I saw two other fish, both briefly. I did get to see two otters cross the flat I was on, and was able to get pictures of them.

On Sunday I talked my friend Jack into taking us out on his flats boat. Once again I was on the water at 7 am, standing in a high tide flat. I saw another one tailing made my way over and here he is:

I was actually suprised to see fish tailing, the weather was so cold and the wind was blowing so hard. I saw two others on Sunday as well. I had one actually miss the fly, and I waited to see which way he would go instead of putting the fly right back down, and he disappeared.

We went to a couple of spots in the boat as the tide was getting lower. I caught one small one, and Jack caught another. We went to another spot and we were not having any luck. I looked up and off in the distance I saw the redfish boiling in a spot. By this time the water was really low, and I had to get out and drag to boat to an oyster bar that the fish were on the other side of. I went to the other side of the oyster bar, and caught this nice 27+ inch fish.

Then Jack caught one.

Then I got another:

All told I caught 8 fish and Jack had another two. 5 of my fish were in the 12-15 inch range, and you see the pics of the nicer fish.

For as cold and as windy as it was it ended up being a great fishing day.