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Thread: Quill Gordon Wet Fly

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    Randall, I had heard of the Rapidan river...Chris Camuto writes extensively on it in his FFBR book, but I had never heard of the Mr. Rapidan. I might tie a few of those up, as they look simple enough (assuming you are speaking of the nymph stage pattern).

    Look forward to seeing your pictures.

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    Originally it was a Dry. A combination of both Quill Gordon and March Brown characteristics, tied Wulff style. Supposedly it has enough similar characteristics to pass for both on a mountain stream. The only variation was to be the size. I'll post the particulars of the pattern later.

    A google of it will show that Harry Murray has recently, applied the name to many of the different flies he sells. I've seen an article on the "Rapidan" family of flies, etc. An attempt to published more .

    Randall Sale
    the Kytroutbum

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