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Thread: Camping and Fishing in WNC

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    Default Camping and Fishing in WNC

    Had some time off and no option to change it, so I headed out knowing it was going to be cold with low water and tuff fishing. The water was low, and the weather was anything but seasonal for this time of year. I was scheduled to tie at the WNC Expo Saturday morning so I intended to make the best of it and squeeze in some fishing time. The best part was spending time with friends camping and fishing. It's hard to beat the company of people like Beetle Ben, Caleb, Allen, Wild Bill, and Pete I hate I missed you. Got to see lots of old friends at the expo Saturday, and met a few new ones. Kyle and Bruce you two guys made my day. Caught lots of fish, but the good ones were hard to come by. Didn't tape any of them, my hands were so cold they were turning blue, but my net is a Brodin Frying Pan model and has a 18" bow, one of my friends kept saying, oh that fish is about 14"

    This bugger had the magic fly, too bad the photo turned out so bad :laugh:
    Bubba lips

    Not nearly as many bows as browns this trip

    This fish has the strangest looking tail section, it was full of fat
    Long skinny fellow

    Go tell the rest of them I am here for them

    Fire away haters :P

    My hands were just too cold to do much photo taking, and I didn't hardly drink any hippie beer. Coffee, hot coco, and hot tea were the preferred drinks. Did smoke a couple of excellent CAO cigars, the Box cut Brazilian and the Gold Maduro were the best. 'c;
    "Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it."
    Salvador Dali

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    This fish has the strangest looking tail section, it was full of fat
    Maybe a descendant of the elephant eating snake??

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    You deserve a CAO Gold after catching those nice browns sir Flyman

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