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Excellent Job BlueRaiderFan! Do not forget to sign it. If you give one as a gift. Always write a special message on the back to the receiver. Also, I think you should title your picture or give it a name-explaining your interpretation I am not art expert; but, I enjoy these things in paintings and I always cherish paintings from friends.

Keep up the good work bud! I am sure that is a great release and a wonderful relaxation method. I have always wanted to try it...
Thanks! Yeah, I love to paint. I think I am going to stick with it too. Anyone that is somewhat regular on this board can get a super special price on any of my work too. A story about signing; I sent one to Bob and Lisa White as a gift for him answering all of my questions. I signed it on the back and left a note on the back of the canvas as well but DID NOT SIGN THE FRONT! DOH! Since I signed the back he said he would keep it and they have it hanging on their kitchen wall. It's the painting that I am using as my avatar ("Pheasant Tail"). Thanks again for your kind words.