www.rodbuildingforum.com is where a good bit of my working knowledge came from. It is a great resource. The thing about planes is kind of like fly rods, you can spend as much as you want. Often times, you can fine an old Stanley block plane on ebay for less than $50 while a new top of the line block plane will run you close to $300. The big cost of building a bamboo rod is the planing form. New, a top of the the line planing form will run you about $800 but there are cheaper ones but if you have a drill press, you can build them yourself for less than $100. If you don't have a drill press, you can buy one from Harbor Freight on sale for less than $50 and still build your forms for less than $150.

Also, if you don't want to build all your tools and you just want to build a bamboo rod, you can always build what is known as a PMQ or a poor man's quad. They fish great, look great, and cost next to nothing. It is basically two strips of bamboo that are planed without forms, glued up with common hardware store glue, and complimented with your choice of components. I have built several of these and most for less than $30 in parts. Actually, that is a way I accumulated a lot of my tools. While I was building my steel planing forms, I built my first PMQ. I then sold several of them to my friends and used that money to buy other equipment that wasn't necessary but sure made the rest of the process easier.