Okay, so before I post my question let me give you a little background.

I grew up fishing with casting and spinning gear. Used an old bamboo fly rod with my grandfather as a kid. I have recently taken up fly fishing as a serious hobby as an adult.

I am pretty geared out for this trout season, and my casting is pretty good (for a beginner) as I took the summer to do some learning while bass fishing.

What I am posting about is this. I am interested in getting a fishing boat for the Caney Fork (closest, best water to Nashville that I know of) and I am looking for advice on the pro and cons of various boats. I currently have a sit-on-top kayak for the Harpeth and other smaller rivers like the Buffalo, but I use it in the Spring and Summer, and it isn't the style of kayak that I can stand up on (unless I want to go swimming when it flips over).

I have looked at the alumacraft style jon boats and v-hull boats, and have also looked at drift boats (used) as well. I have thought that if I go with a aluminum style boat that I would invest in an outboard jet motor since I have read on this and other forums that they can run in very shallow water with little issues.

I would primarily be fishing the Caney Fork with this boat, but wouldn't hesitate to take it to other rivers in the area as well.

Also, I am in no rush to buy a boat as I have a decent bit of money to save before I can get one so this is likely going to be a purchase for next Summer or Fall. Right now I am trying to get an idea of what to look for and how much money I would be looking at spending.

Any advice that you can offer would be greatly appreciated.