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Thread: brown trout spawn..

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    I don't know if we had enough rain the other day to do too much damage, or just how much events like this actually effect the out come of the spawn. Just don't underestimate the damage and size of objects that can be moved during these high water events. Most of the time it scours the bottom and will blow out gravel and small rocks. I've seen boulders the size of trash cans and refrigerators rolling down the mountain before

    Honestly I'm not sure either way how much of an effect it has on the spawn or population I would be interested to hear from someone with some expertise on the topic though.
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    In the spring of 1994 there was a significant rainfall event in the Tellico River watershed that was a 25-50 year flood. It washed out foot bridges and generally rearranged the streambed. I remember sampling the river in the fall of 95 and 96 and finding the rainbow and brown populations healthy and with representation from several year classes.

    In January or February of 1998 there was a 100 year magnitude flood in the Doe River watershed near Elizabethtown. Sampling that same summer found reduced numbers of young of the year rainbows only if memory serves. The adult population of rainbows and browns seems to have weathered the flood fairly easily.

    It seems that adult trout especially are able to find sheltered spots in even the worst of floods, but that young of the year fish often get washed out. Thankfully, there are usually lots of young of the year fish and it does not take a large percentage of survivors to keep a year class viable. Similarly, it does not take very many successful spawners to replenish a year class in a given stream. Spawning success has never been a significant limiting factor in Southern Appalachian freestone streams. Late summer water temps and food availability have always been the limiting factors. Thus, severe drought is much more devastating to trout populations than severe floods. Light to moderate flooding should have little or no impact at all.

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    My concern would be for the area down stream of Metcaff Bottoms. The reason for my thinking on this is that there seems to be more "man-made" dams in that stretch of river, due to all the swimmers and such. These dams appear to give silt/gravel a good place to collect, where otherwise it would not. I noticed several the past month that had a "run" blown out in the middle of them with a brown setting on a redd just a tad up stream of the run. With this flood being the strongest of the season, wouldn't it make sense that the rest of the dam/dams would be washed out, thus letting the silt/gravel give way.

    I'll go out on a limb here and say that the Herons do more damage than a flood, darn things are a killing machine.

    Just my 2cents........ doubt it's even worth that.

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    Thanks TnBigBore. Hopefully our drought years are somewhat behind us for a while. Speaking of which, I hear Townsend and the whole TN NC area up there are looking at maybe having an early blizzard in the near future. But, that's just pure speculation from the weatherfolks. - - The Internet's Only "Fishertainment" Website

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