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Thread: Fly Fishing in Arkansas

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    Question Fly Fishing in Arkansas

    Our Club has been going to the Pere Marquette every fall. Our cabins have been rented for next year. We are looking at going to Arkansas last week of Sept or First week of Oct. We may have 12 to 18 people anyone have any lodge suggestions? Or destination suggestions in general.

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    If you're not looking to be guided and you all want to eat and hang out together in an enclosed common area, Fisherman's Lodge has the best accommodations on the Bull Shoals tailwater.

    On the other hand, my personal favorite lodgings, mostly for the excellent smokers and huge wood burning fireplaces, are at the White River Trout Lodge:

    I think it sleeps up to 16 but they are divided on three levels.

    If you ARE looking to be guided, Fulton's Lodge is the best way to go for sure.

    There are several great guides in the White River area but I would personally recommend Steve Dally and Jimmy Traylor now that John Wilson has retired from guiding.

    The best dirt bag accommodations are at the Brass Door Motel in Cotter; $50 a night, sleeps up to four per room if you don't mind sharing. In-room microwaves and fridges, and was the scene of a nasty and tragic police shootout a couple years ago.

    They nailed that A-hole with caltrops as he tried to cross the Norfork bridge and 'eliminated' him in downtown Norfork.

    There are three good flyshops in the area: Mountain River in Cotter, Blue Ribbon Flies in Mountain Home, and Rim Shoals Fly Shop at Rim Shoals. Blue Ribbon is nicest but also the furthest from the water.

    That time of year you would want to focus your fishing on Rim Shoals, Wildcat Shoals, Bull Shoals State Park and The Narrows on the Bull Shoals Tailwater, or if you're fishing Norfork, anything and everything from McClellan's down through Ace in the Hole to the Handicapped Access.

    You can look those locations up on any map; nothing on the White is really secret.

    Good luck.

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    Any of North Arkansas's tailwaters fish awesome. I fished the Little Red this summer for as week. It fishes great whether you are floating or wading. There is a nice lodge area called Lobo Landing. It has a boat launch, boat rentals, and plenty of room. The fishing right at the lodge isn't wadeable, but you can drive upstream to libby shoals and fish or float back down. It is excellent water. We fished it many times. It has a bunch of shoals, pools, runs, fish, and we also had good hopper fishing which would still be in effect when you would be there. I do not know much about the white or Norfork, but with what I've heard the fishing is great. They say the Bull Shoals Dam trophy water has a bunch of pigs. For reports go to The resort's site is

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    Thanks fellows for the info. Gives a starting place to start looking.

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