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    Default Golden Stones

    I got some new random tying materials for christmas and decided to work on some Golden Stoneflies. Here are a few variations I came up with, all tied on a #12.

    Wire Body, Golden Stone Dub Thorax

    Similar design with wing pads & rusty brown tail/antennae

    Biot Body

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    Thumbs up

    I like all of these patterns! Great Job and thanks for sharing them with us!
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    Good looking flies. Silvercreek
    "Here fishy fishy."

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    Thanks Shawn & Silvercreek. I had a lot of fun with these, and hope to have even more fun with them this spring!

    I am assuming Acroneuria abnormi (Golden Stones) are one of the most common stoneflies in the southern appalachians. I think my 2nd variation looks closest to the real thing.

    I've been trying to post pictures of my better ties lately in hopes that it might drum up more interest in the tying forum during the winter months.


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    Thanks for posting. I too would like to see more tied flies during these cold dark winter months. Gives me something to do, and to try out and get ready for Spring.

    My fishing partner (my wife) hates cold weather, and although she loves to chase trout, she draws the line when it gets sub-freezing. Maybe that why she bought me a Renzetti vise for my birthday to keep me occupied with something involving fly fishing.

    Right now, I'm still learning, and a little embarassed to post my mistakes on the Forum just yet, but I'll get there.


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    Nice ties! I haven't used a wire abdomen on my stonefly nymphs yet but will this weekend as I tie for next summer in Wyoming again. A suggestion you might try to incorporate that worked for me last year is to use two tungsten beads. (It kept the fly down with a lot of water in the streams.) One, black, at the head as normal and a second one in the thorax covered by dubbing. Stonefly nymphs tied this way have worked wonders for me in the Smokies in March and April. Last summer on the Yellowstone, below Tower, I fished it as the lead fly with a smaller unweighted nymph behind and caught lots of nice fish on both flies.

    Randall Sale
    the Kytroutbum

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