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Thread: trips of 2011

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    The trip I am most looking forward to is an annual reunion of my grad school buddies. Everyone meets up here in Knoxville and we spend the weekend fishing the local tailwaters and in the Smokies. It is a great time and a great way to catch up with good friends who now live further away than I would like. This annual reunion has helped to keep several friendships strong despite living hundreds of miles away from each other.
    A wonderful benefit of fishing that we too often overlook. With three of my friends moving out of state this year, those once a year trips are becoming very important to me. Great post! - - The Internet's Only "Fishertainment" Website

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    Troutfest and a trip planned to South FL are all i have presently planned, other than that I'll go when I can, where I can, and with who ever else can get away.
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    Plan on taking a buddy from work up to Alaska for a week or so of fly fishing the road system, camping and sight seeing.

    Hope to get the chance to fish some salt water this year, but no plans of yet.

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