I created a short video on my first trip out with my new TenkaraUSA Iwana 11' "cane pole."
There are tangled lines, two trout, some shots of the water and woods, and a little bad singing. If you're interested in tenkara and seeing it in action from a local perspective, it's here: http://southernblueridge.wordpress.c...tenkara-trout/

This was my first time fishing the rod and I learned a few things about how long the line should be, and that yes - you really do need a small net when using this method. It looks like a "cane pole" but casts like my best rods, and is alot of fun to fish. I'm hoping to take it to NC next week and really see what it can do on a few more fish.

This method of fishing will never replace my western rods and reels, but it's a good way to catch small fish and make them seem a bit larger. Again, more videos to come when I get to take it out a few more times and really put a bend in it.