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Thread: Small Hooks

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
    I tied down to #24 for midges. I do some gnats at #22. Anything above #24 is not something I want to fish with or that I care to fish. I have fumbling fingers and I do not enjoy trying to tie the small ones.

    Amen! Brother.
    Size #24 is just about my limit on being able to tie a decent fly, after that it goes downhill fast.


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    Default Microscopic fly tying

    To those who can ty down to #32 you just confirm a theory I have had for some time. That is that your day job must be as a retina surgeon! I wish I could see as well! I mean, when your fly is on the water, do you really know where it is........? Just kidding, my hat is off to you guys.

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    I tie pupa patterns down to a 26. I don't tie dries but the smallest midge adult patterns I have are #22's. I don't think I could see anything smaller than a #26 on anything but slack water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahighlan View Post
    I've tied some midges down to 28 or maybe 30, but haven't had a chance to fish them yet. You have to make every wrap of thread count, too many wraps builds up quick on those small hooks.

    I assume you went to the Indy FF show? How was it?
    It was in Inday and it was pretty fun. There were a lot of guy hawking steelhead fishing though. Great tying session.

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