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Thread: Fly Tying Kit

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    Default Fly tying kits

    25 years ago I bought an Orvis kit. More advanced tools and much material later I am still tying and learning. Best advice is get the tools, materials (kit or
    separately), especially several good fly tying books and start tying. It's a great
    hobby and very relaxin'. If you start with lesser expensive tools thats OK. You'll know when it's time to upgrade. Lessons and a mentor are helpful. Enjoy!

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    My approach would be to buy the best vice you can afford, then the high quality basic took kit. Then like others have suggested, pick out a few basic nymphs that you will need this spring, and buy just the materials, and hooks, for those. This way you can limit your initial expense. There's a really good start up information article on

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    There are some great deals on ebay, if that is your thing.

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    Outside of a vice and tools, I would recommend for starters: Brown half saddle, Grizzly half saddle, Dun half saddle, Black Half saddle (get the other colors later). Black, red, brown, orange, yellow, cream thread. A dubbing assortment and a seperate bag of hairs ear dubbing (I like the kind that sparkles). Some flash back tinsel. A few turkey feathers. A few pheasant feathers in dark and light coloring. Copper wire. Brass and tungsten bead heads to fit size 14-20 hooks and hooks in those sizes. Head cement. Orange and black foam and maybe some sili legs. Hmmm...what else? Maybe some red floss and some green floss but those can wait if need be. I do recommend getting some "beadzers" tweezers to help putting bead heads on your hooks. It's late for me and that's all I can think of right now. It should be a good start.

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    a few years ago my wife called down to LRO and got someone to recommends some products based upon what she was willing to pay and what flies I'd be wanting to tie . Course this lead to a discussion of where I'd be fishing and what fish I'd be trying and tying for...
    She ended up spending a lot of time to make a wonderful Christmas gift for me. My flies may not look like much and nobody suggests that I start tying professionally but they work for most of streams I can visit.

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