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Thread: Backcountry Cuisine Curiosity

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    Default Backcountry Cuisine Curiosity

    I am curious as to what kind of vittles you take on extended backcountry fishing trips when you backpack in. Oatmeal, Ramen Noodles, Landjaeger, GORP, Cheese, and Mountain House Freeze Dried Meals normally wind up in my pack. For some reason, my taste for freeze dried meals has been waning for the past couple of years, and I'm looking to expand my menu.

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    For dinners we typically take spaghetti noodles, a tube of tomato paste, and a pepperoni stick for a pasta dish. My wife does a fried vegetarian dish with potatoes, onions, & tempeh. I like to do a chicken noodle soup with canned chicken, carrotts, onion, noodles or rice, & bouillon cubes to make a stock. Lunches are usually pretty simple with tuna, or pbj. We like to use pita bread at lunch. Amber (my wife) is in charge of breakfast. She pre-mixes pancake batter in a squeeze bottle, tastes awesome.

    We got tired of mountain house trash and oatmeal. Those freeze dried meals are expensive too.

    Ramps, branch lettuce, morels, & trout make the menu when and where available.

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    Speck lover, I don't have any good advice to give you! But, I am desperatly curious on what you just asked also. This year I had the idea of MRE's.

    so just consider me a very curious lurker, who'll be reading the responses you recieve.
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    Here is something that we always made when packing. Take a package of freeze dried green beans and a package of corn mix in package of Hormel bacon bar. It has fat and good tasting.

    Note I don't know if they still market the bacon bar.

    Another thing we took was pate' and the little bread that they use for orderves (sic).

    Also smoked oysters and clams. All of these things have high fat and stoke the inner fire.

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    Hate to give up on some of the luxuries of home....I will usually freeze a ribeye and let it thaw out on the way in....will usually pack a dozen self lighting charcoal pieces which will allow me to grill the steak...can also prepackage some sliced potatoes and onions in foil to cook with the meat....breakfast and lunch are generally simple....will eat fish one night with some instant cheese between I will try to find something in a package that is palatable....they even have freeze dried ice cream sandwiches for dessert now.

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    these are better than mountain house but more limited in offering. I have been going fresh as much as possible just tatstes better.

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    Done the frozen meat to thaw too. I have taken whole potato and onion to cut up and cook in alum foil. International foods coffees. small bottle of dawn or something like it to coat the outside of the skillet for easier clean-up.
    Spam, peperoni, instant soups, drink mixes and the special flask have all found ways into the pack

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    I have done the mountain house meals for years or ramen but recently have been doing the cave man aka paleo diet (just fruit, meat, and veggies). I was thinking this would be hard or "heavy" to do backpacking but it has been fine. I got a dehydrator and dehydrate all kinds of fruit, veggies, hamburger and rehydrate just like a mountain house meal but without the stuff I don't eat. Also I bring along frozen steak like Rog the first night and often some frozen sausage links for breakfast the next morn then stick to the dehydrated stuff after that. My last trip to cs 17 the other 3 guys I was with were having beer and potato chips around the fire as a snack and I was having red wine and cabbage which was pretty funny. I like being able to adapt that is all part of the fun and challenge of backpacking.

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    Seems like i have been hanging with the wrong cooks. Usually is just me and my brother in the backcountry and neither one of use will stop long enough to make anything that would take much time. To bussy playing fly fisherman.

    To be truthful even if we had the time i dont think either one of us are much of a cook so we end up bring foods that dont take much time or effort.

    We dont get but two or three weeks a year in the backcountry so even though the off the shelf pre-packaged dehydrated food are expensive overall for two or three weeks a year it is not to bad. I would look into making our own dehydrated meals if I ended up doing a couple months a year.

    But like just about everyone here we have used the Mountain House and i dont find it to bad, at least it is easy, quick and a lot better now-a-days as far as taste goes.

    Recently we have moved from Mountain House to the Enertia Trail foods.

    About the same price, tastes much better in my opinion. Enertia i think uses a different process that does not last as long as Mountain House but seems to taste better.

    I think i do remember a long time ago my brother once talking me into not worrying about buying any new Mountain House because he found some at the house that he wanted to use. When it came dinner time and my brother brought out the Mountain House I think it was like 13 year old.

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    Tuna Mac is common because the boys love it. I hate cleaning it up though.

    Ive made salmon patties:salmon pack, stuffing mix, couple of packets of mayo from the fast food place.

    Keeping it simple, freeze a pack of sausages or brats, let that thaw in backpack, cook over roaring fire one a stick, wrap in warm tortilla and enjoy. I thought a pack of 6 sausages would be enough for me and 3 small boys, and I ended up going to bed hungry!

    I do cornbread in a sort of "dutch oven". Not one of the real heavy jobs, just an aluminum pot with lid. Line it with foil,add water to the mix, and in 30 or 40 minutes, warm, awesome cornbread.
    Cornmeal mix also doubles to bread fish if you caught any and for making hushpuppies.

    breakfast, cant beat breakfast burritos! I bring eggs, green onion, cheese, tortillas, and a container of salsa (or packets from fast food), and sometimes a summer sausage to cut up into chunks. Great way to start the day.

    Basically anything else you can put in a tortilla works for me. Tortillas are to camp food what duct tape is to home repair.

    We do smores in tortillas as well, dont have to worry about crushing crackers.

    Grits and summer sausage for breakfast.
    PB&J rolls (rolled up in tortilla),also PB& honey dont have to worry about going bad like jelly.
    Pepperoni and cheese rolled up in warm tortilla.
    quesadillas (taco sauce packets, cheese, packets of chicken meat) warmed in tortilla.
    Zatarains jambalaya mix is awesome. If you're making a fire, and not solely using a campstove the 20 minute cooktime isnt a problem.

    I think having good food on a trip is a huge boost to morale, and even if it takes longer to make, I find the uplifted spirits from good food is worth the inconvenience (and pack weight).
    Besides, it makes for better stories (legends!) later on The boys still talk about our dutch oven brownies and cornbread, stuffed trout, tortilla smores, and breakfast burritoes. Dont hear many stories about how awesome those freeze dried meals (or tuna mac) were.

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