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Thread: Backcountry Cuisine Curiosity

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    Been a bit since I have visited the forums. Planning several trips down in coming months, and this is a great topic. Whiskey and cigars are a must for me!

    My last trip down in October, I really enjoyed the Enertia Trail Foods brand dehydrated foods. They seem to use more spices than other brands of backpacking meals, very nice flavor. They area all vegetarian, yet still have plenty of protein. I still added meat, such as canned lump crab meat to the Allegheny Alfredo noodles. The Max Patch Mac and Cheese was really enjoyable, I enhanced it with Hormel pepperoni minis and hot sauce packets (from Skyline chili).

    I also still really like theMountain House Pro-Pack Lasagna with Meat Sauce, but the cheese in it turns to sticky cement, and I can't manage to get it off my spork until the dishwasher at home. I use this as dinner the last night of a trip.

    Clif bars make good snacks and I carry them with me while fishing. I still enjoy instant Oatmeal for breakfast.

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    Rog 1, I can see the Domino's folks- Does anyone know where Campsite 24 is located in Maryville?

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    I have backpacked in CRAB LEGS, SHRIMP, CHICKEN STIR FRY and STEAK. The Mountain House beef stew is very good! I make breakfast burritos alot. Brats are good too! On my very last campout (last Friday) we had steak, ribs, crab, shrimp and salad. I do not ultralight backpack! I have carried heavy skillets and pots without trouble. On my Minnesota canoe trips I have baked brownies and pizza using a cardboard oven over charcoal. On those same trips we make breakfast burritos for breakfast, flatbread sandwiches for lunch and bagel pizzas for dinner. I have a big list of food for camping!
    ----Jeff Wadley

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