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Thread: Proposed Non-Resident Virginia Fishing License Increase

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    I submitted the following comment:

    "During the current economic conditions it is understandable to try to increase fees to correct budget shortfalls. This is a natural reaction to these trying times. This reaction will however, give you the complete opposite effect that you are looking for. Instead of increasing revenue to balance shortfalls, the effect of this proposal will be to curtail the number of sportsman that will participate in these activities in your state. Your license sales numbers will decline to the point where it not only do you not see any increase, but will more than likely see a net decrease in cash flow.
    As a lifelong hunter and fisherman I have always supported wildlife by purchasing licenses and permits. I have been hunting and fishing for over 35 years. I am currently a SC resident (I was active duty USMC for over 13 years, and settled in SC when I got out). Each year I purchase all of my resident licesnes, and in addition I purchase a NC non-resident fishing licesnse and often a GA non-resident fishing license as well. It is not every year that I get to fish in NC or GA, but I normally by the license anyway. The reason that I purchase thes non-resident licenses is that the non-resident fee is reasonable, and I like to support those programs even if I do not have the opportunity to fish there during that year. If there fees were to increase to the outrageous levels that your proposal suggests, I would no longer do that, and take my business elsewhere. This does not include just my license fees, but all of the ancilliary business that fishing brings as well to include tackle purchases, guides at times, and meals and lodging.
    It is really time to have the rest of the community that enjoys our resources participate in the funding. What I mean is all of the people that do not hunt or fish, but utilitze these same areas to hike, bike, sight-see, etc. Sportsman have long carried the burden, it is time to share that load over all of the people that utilize and enjoy the resources. This can raise your revenue without alienating your biggest contributor.

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    It does seem high, then again, try going to the movies 5 times & see what that cost you for 2 hours each time, or a mid priced restaurant for lunch for an hour or so, i think i'd get more out of the license increase


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