Hey Guys, my name is Robert and I have been fishing as long as I can remember.....my dad expressed is interest pretty early on both my brother and I and basically my mom and sister as well. After fly fishing a couple of times.....starting at Rouring Rivers in Missouri when I was younger, I became quite obsessed. I am a senior at UT Knox, so most of my fishing occurs at the Smokies/Holston/Clinch/ and the Caney when I can get on it. I have been reading the forums for a couple months now and have gotten lots of great information. Recently, my brother came to visit and him, a friend, and I proceeded to try the Clinch at Millers Island. We arrived at around 1pm on 1/18 and got into the water..... we were using assortments of zebra's and copper's and had moderate luck. We saw a bunch of rises, but were having trouble finding the appropriate fly. Even though the fish count wasn't what we wanted it felt great to get out again after all that snow/ice and get back into the groove of things. I plan to make the Clinch my Sunday hangover cure, seeing as how close it is, so if anyone has any insight on flies, locations, etc. it would be highly appreciated. Glad to be here, thanks again.