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Thread: Horses in the Park

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    On a recent trip to Porters Creek, I was impressed by the number of 12 passenger vans parked at the trailhead (back to that in a bit). On the way, I pulled in at the portajohn at the picnic pavilion at which there were a number of horses and riders. As I was leaving, one of the younger guys said to another, "well, there was a sign." I thought nothing of it at the time. Then, hung on the closed trailhead gate was a nicely done wooden sign stating, "Trail Temporarily Closed to Horses." As I walked up the trail I saw a good many freshly (no butterflies yet) deposited horse piles (as we called them on the farm). Further up the trail, I encountered two large groups heading down the trail: one some very nice fellow "seasoned" citiizens, the other: friendly, college-age youth, many of whom were wearing red. I soon started back down also. When I arrived at the trailhead, the seniors were getting into vans marked "Jefferson County Hiking Club." The young people were getting into theirs, marked "University of Wisconsin Biology Department."

    As I drove by the pavilion, the riders were still there, now joined by a Park Ranger... on the job.

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    Joe Fred,
    Outstanding! Hopefully they were cited for this flagrant violation.


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    the stables at Smokemont always seem to have their horses rented
    Yep! My wife and son went on a trail ride at Cades' Cove a few years back. I kept the dog. Not one for horses. Look at Orlando and the tourist traps there. Talk about costing a bundle!

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