A fishing buddy of mine in California sent me this article about something called a Yellow Legged Mountain Frog, as an example of the mindset that is taking hold in that state and it's gov't:

The findings of this study serve as yet another example of the considerable impacts of trout introductions on Sierra Nevada aquatic ecosystems. Given the almost complete absence of watersheds anywhere in the Sierra Nevada that haven't been stocked with trout, it is clear that we need to think about how to restore at least some entire watersheds to their historic fishless condition
and, in the comments to the article:
Unfortunately, a halt to stocking will not be sufficient to remove trout from those streams and lakes where they have been introduced as most quickly establish self-sustaining populations. Those populations can only be eliminated using active removal methods (e.g., gill nets in lakes, electrofishing and piscicides in streams)

I'm afraid this stuff is in our future, as well,