First off, I do want to introduce myself. I'm the guy that drives 441 at 20 mph in the car with Florida tags. Ha! We Floridians get complacent with flat ground and these things next to the road called "shoulders.". Tallahassee is my home and back in Nov., the great guys at LRO steered me towards this forum. I've been lurking on here for a few months I'd like to comment on how helpful everyone is towards newcomers and each other. See, my fly-fishing learning curve has been played in reverse. I first learned to chuck-a-loop at bonefish down in The Bahamas and in other areas of the Caribbean during 6 Springs and Summers of working on cruise ships. Once I settled back in Tally to finish school, I got hooked on the redfish and tarpon fishery in this area (hint: Location X). I've hiked the Smokies for the better part of my life, but never really tried to catch a trout. So here I am, trying to figure out how to catch trout (freshwater). I'm actually fishing Kephart Prong in late March, sooo any suggestions are appreciated!! If anyone ever needs a hand with fishing this area, filling their boat with beer, and poling them around a little.....let me know! Thanks again for having such a great forum.