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Thread: fishing license optimism

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpy View Post

    Talking to the local agents a few years back, they said if they issued a $180 fine, TWRA would get $12 out of it if the judge found them guilty.
    Seems as if most judges are pretty lenient towards TROUT regulations, heck, if you go into any court room anymore, they're to lenient. That can lead to a whole other discussion though.

    I spoke with the TWRA Officer Monday at the weir dam and I think he said the fine without a fishing license is around $240. Of-course; a judge can punish worse or less depending on his nature.

    I think the most of the TWRA Fines should got to a slush fund for budget deviations and special projects. I understand the courts have to cover a set cost; but, that is ridiculous if they get upwards of 95% of the fine.
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    I pay $136 + $ 15 for a federal duck stamp every year. I haven't killed a deer or turkey in 2 years, a bear in 4 and only a hand full of the tastier ducks last seaon. I put back 95% of the trout I catch and only catch a couple limits of crappie and walleye each year. What am I thinkings? LOL!!! I don't want to even include all the "NEEDS"or "HAVE TO HAVE'S" or gas spent. Can we say ADDITION!!!! I would make a good canidate for that show Intervention.

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