Craven's Jack Flash Variation

This has been a great producer this winter. It just looks buggy and flashy. Has been one of my go-to anchor flies. Also works well tied smaller to be used as a dropper.

Hook: Partridge Klinkhammer #16 (really big for a #16, more like a 12)
Bead: Big Gunmetal Tungsten Bead
Weight: A bunch of lead wire wraps (pretty much cover most of the hook).
Tail/Legs: Hungarian Partridge
Abdomen/Thorax: Kauffman's Golden Stone Dubbing
Ribbing: Small Red Ultra Wire
Flashback/Wingcase: Large flash
-I also put a streak of UV Knot Sense all the way down to the tail of the fly. Kind of makes the flash stand out and bulletproofs the fly. The one in the picture is a little banged up, it's stuck a few fish.

Olive Frenchie

This is a pattern that I've had some success with latley. It is super easy to tie. Sinks really well and catches fish (caught a couple at Dukes yesterday with it).

Hook: #16
Bead: Gunmetal Tungsten
Weight: .15 lead wire (6-7 wraps)
Tail and Abdomen: Olive Pheasant tail (4 fibers for tail,break one off and wrap body with 3)
Ribbing: Extra Small Copper Ultra Wire
Collar-Peackock Ice Dub
Hot Spot- Fire Orange Thread

Hope ya'll enjoy!