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Thread: Erwin Hatchery Closing?

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    Default Where in the world is Erwin?

    Excellent post, TNFishnstix.

    Too all: Since the title of this thread might not register with some, and more is now know on the story, I created another one Trout "Limited"? Nine Hatcheries Possibly Closing.
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    Here are the links to the people we need to be addressing on this's going to take some work on everyone's part. There are millions of dollars in revenue at stake here. the very existence of tail water trout fishing is in jeopardy, and that means tons more people flocking to the mountain streams....heaven forbid!!

    Anyway, heres the contact list

    Jim Cooper

    Scott DesJarlais

    Charles J. Fleischmann

    John J. Duncan

    Phil Roe

    Diane Black

    Marsha Blackburn

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    Default Erwin Hatchery

    Yes, up in the far upper East Tennessee area, and this is a brood hatchery, they do hatch there but primarily they produce the fertilized eggs for the other hatcheries. the dominoe effect on all of the area hatcheries would be monumental.

    Personally, I think this is slated to happen but is primarily put into place so they can get more money from the Corps, TVA, TWRA and anyone else in the system to help finance the operation.

    We will see!

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