been a fisherman since i was 3, on the fly since i was 8. except for a few family trips to the mountains when i was a kid, i've done almost no trout fishing. i've been in charleston, s.c. for the last 9 years, and i've landed sails, tarpon, dolphin, tuna, bonefish, snook, hundreds of redfish, seatrout, flounder, sheepshead, amberjack, spadefish, barracuda, albies "false albacore", tons of largemouth and bream, and numerous other species on the fly. my wife, myself, and my two kids moved to townsend in late november from charleston, after a brief camping trip here where we fell in love with it and were looking to relocate from charleston anyway after the economy went south. on day #1 here in town, i went to LRO where paula hooked me up with a TFO 4/5 and an orvis battenkill, a box of assorted flies, and gave me a few tips on how and where to search for these critters. the same day, i landed 3 decent/average fish in the area of our campground where we were stationed. since, i've caught several more on the fly, including one just outside of townsend that went 21". however, i'm quite the "rookie" at this stuff, and am still far more comfortable on the deck of 23ish flats or center con, or stalking the grass flats of sullivan's island looking for tails waving in the air.
Just wanted to introduce myself, and anyone who is willing to throw a few tips my way would be greatly appreciated. I am looking to make a trip up little river trail (i've walked it several times already, but not fished it) in the VERY near future, and if anyone would care to join me i'd GREATLY appreciate the company and always enjoy making new friends, especially in the fishing world. feel free to contact me if you are interested, or just to say hello! I am welcome to all interaction when it comes to fishing, and one can never have too many contacts or friends in this world! GLAD TO BE HERE!!!