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Thread: not a report! (til tommorrow!)... need advice on flies to take

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    Quote Originally Posted by No Hackle View Post
    I saw alot of early stones on the water Monday. I wouldn't be with out some 14 or 16 dark elk- hair caddis or the like. I caught my biggest fish on a dry MOnday, so their looking up.
    If you are going to take fly selection advice from anyone....don't overlook Lynn's advice.

    Here is what I've been using all winter as a black stonefly imitation in #14. This is on a scud hook, so it looks more like a #16 in a standard nymph hook.

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    Now that's a killer-looking fly.


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    thank you to all who threw some advice my way! in case you missed the report, i didn't do so hot, but it was beautiful and I wouldn't trade a day knee deep in a mountain stream casting flies to "smarter than me" trout for anything, even if i don't catch anything. the peace and serenity i find out there is worth more than a mountain of fish. again, thanks to all who put their "two cents" in for my benefit!

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