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Thread: Trout "Limited"? Nine Hatcheries Possibly Closing

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    Default Trout "Limited"? Nine Hatcheries Possibly Closing

    According to a release on the USF&W’s website, President Barack Obama has made a budgetary request of $1.7 billion for the agency, an increase of $47.9 million over the enacted budget from the 2010 fiscal year. Despite the possibility of the agency receiving nearly $50 million in additional funding, the USF&W’s proposed budget would see the funding of national fish hatchery operations decrease by nearly $6.3 million. Other areas of the agency, such as Cooperative Landscape Conservation and Adaptive Science, would see funding increases under the proposed budget. For more information see recent Johnson City (TN) Press Article . Bottom line: Nine hatcheries could be on the chopping block including those that supply trout (rainbow, brown, brook, and lake depending on the type water) to the following:
    • Apalachia Tailwater (Hiwassee River)
    • Calderwood Reservoir
    • Cherokee Tailwater
    • Chilhowee Reservoir
    • Ft. Patrick Henry Reservoir/Tailwater
    • Norris Tailwater
    • North River
    • Parksville Reservoir/Tailwater
    • South Holston Reservoir/Tailwater
    • Tellico Reservoir
    • Tellico River
    • Wilbur Tailwater
    • Watauga Reservoir

    See Posts by TNFishnstix in the thread Erwin Hatchery Closing? for corresponding congressional contacts. Nice work, TNFishnstix.
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