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Thread: Saturday above Elkmont

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    Default Saturday above Elkmont

    Fished Saturday afternoon above Elkmont on LR. Managed 3 fish, two browns on dries (quill gordons) and 1 rainbow on soft hackle quill gordon fished as a dropper below the dry fly. One of the browns was 13". A few bugs coming off but nothing spectacular. I hadn't fished the park since right after Christmas when my snake guides kept freezing up on me. Not many fishermen on the river. I think we are a few days away from major hatches of quill gordons and blue quills coming off. This weekend looks rainy which could be good if some quill gordons are coming off.

    God Bless,
    Dances with Trout

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    I don't usually fish soft hackles, BUT have been extremely successful with a QG wet or soft hackle. I found them to outfish the dry at times(:<).


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    Sounds like a place I'd like to be! Can't wait...I got 2.5 weeks to go...Go get 'em again Dances with Trout!

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