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    My dad has been all over the U.S. fishing but, when asked where his favorite place to fish is the response is usually quick and with little hesitation, “The South Holston”. I don’t know if he’s just that good or that those fish are just that willing to eat HIS fly but, the man can fish it and fish it well. He fishes there almost weekly and it’s as sure as the setting sun that I will receive a phone call on his way home to tell me about his day. I’ve heard his say “son they were tough today” but, I’ve never heard the words “they skunked me today” come from his mouth. I enjoy it when he tells me "We put a hurting on them today son" or “I just couldn’t do anything with a couple of them son”. I always ask if he needs me to come up and show him how to land those big ones which will usually draw the response “I wish you would”.
    On the day after Christmas several years ago my dad treated me with a once in a life time trip to the San Juan rive in New Mexico. The fishing was slow and cold (-1 one morning) but, the enjoyment, fun and excitement were awesome. Simply being in New Mexico was nothing like I’d ever experienced before and there was something new for me around every corner of the road. The landscape was unlike anything I had ever laid eyes upon and the Rocky Mountains were breathtaking. Dad landed the fish of the trip on the first day, a sweet 20 inch hook jawed rainbow. I was broken off by two large fish and landed a couple but; dad really put a hurting on me that trip.
    We have made multiple trips to the South Holston, Clinch and the Park together along with OUR secret spot that he and I have had some great trips. I hope that we get to enjoy many more trips local and traveled together.
    Time and life pass quicker now that I’m older and I often find myself wishing that I could get back those days and trips that I didn’t take with mom and dad. I try harder now to find the time to fish with my dad and maybe it’s age or maturity but, I find that the fish or the lack there of less important as just being with dad. Sure, we still rib each other about who caught the most or the biggest fish but, that’s only expected between us. I don’t think about it much but, I have before and to think that it all began with that fateful trip to “Wynn’s” sporting goods where dad had to lay the law down to the man so that “his boy came here to get a fly rod and we aren’t leaving until he get’s the best ****ed rod you have”.
    My dad has told me that I should write stories about my hunting and fishing trips and I laughed and said “I’d love to dad but, no one wants to hear about walking around in the woods or creek and not killing or catching anything”. Like a good dad he gave me advice and pointed me towards people that I could contact for information and literature that I could read or classes that I could take to make it possible. So, I felt it only fitting that my first “story” should be about my dad Stan aka “Cockeye Valdez”. The best ****ed dad a boy could have asked for. Thanks for instilling in me the values that I have today and helped me become the man that you can proudly say you raised.

    (He’ll have to tell about his “screen name”. It’s a funny story in it’s self.)

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    Nice post about your father. Cherish your time together to the max, no matter what! You're quite fortunate to have such a great father who can enjoy fishing with you! God bless you both for a long time to come!

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    Great stories. Thanks for sharing.
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