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Thread: Little river visit **not fishing***

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    I went to the Little River the other day mainly just killing some time and I went down to the river to see what I could find and I found some interesting creatures. I watched a parade of crawdads coming out of the Little River entering the small tributary stream that ran into it. The creek was small and running at what I would guess a near normal level. I wondered if the crawdads had been washed out of the creek by the high water and were returning. They were all about the same size (prefect small mouth size) tho and about as long as a grown mans thumb. I counted over a dozen before I left to investigate something on the waters edge. What I found was several lampreys burrying themselves in the silt. The largest of the bunch was about 8 inches long and there were several smaller around three inches. I have saw fish with these parisites on them and the noticable scares where others have fed on them. I wondered if the low head dam on up the river kept them from getting into the park but, then noticed one wiggling his was in the mud like a snake. I hope these things can't climb the dam and get into the trout on up the river. Has anyone saw one of these lampreys above the dam in the park?

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    Default lampreys

    Here's some intersting info on lampreys in the park. It sounds like the park lampreys are non-parasitic.
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