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Thread: Historical pictures of Little River

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    Wow great photos guys. Thanks for sharing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahighlan View Post

    Here is a link to a collection of Albert Roth photographs. Most of them were taken during the early years of the park. I've spent several hours looking at them.
    *Excellent link and find! Thanks for sharing it.
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    Notice the brush alongsie the river is much less dense than it is today?

    Very cool pictures. Wonder if someday people will look at our pictures and think "gee, those were the good old days"?


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    Thanks for the pictures. As I looked at the second picture, I believe it was, when is the last time you saw a creel? Catch & release replaced catch & cook. It seems people had more time for hunting and fishing as compared to today. Don Kirk's book on the Smokies tells of men and older boys who would get the crops in and spend weeks in the mountains.

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