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Thread: Schedule of Trout Projects for GSMNP

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    Default Schedule of Trout Projects for GSMNP

    Does anyone know where I can find a list of the biologist's projects for the GSMNP this year? I was advised that it is somewhere on this Board, but I cannot find it. I would like to help with a project or two this year.

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    I would contact the TU Little River Chapter. They do acid deposition water sampling every year, some stream work, etc. They'll be more than glad to hook you up.


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    MBB, I reproduced the one given out at last month's Wears Valley presentation at It should be pretty much up to date, but you could email Matt at the address shown there to see if there have been changes.

    I'm sure your help will be appreciated. I hope to do the same.

    “Joe” Fred Turner

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    Thanks for posting that link to the park's schedule of events! There are a couple of dates I just might be able to work into my schedule while I'm down there in the park.
    Hope to be able to and maybe meet some of you'all when I come down.

    -don't tell me why we can't, tell me how we can.- whitefeather
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    (Wilu Sgis, Wami Tsenitli Winidis, Ani Tiwuti Wiledi Weitas Do Ali!)

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