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    Yesterday, 3/22/11, I met up with ChemEAngler and jross for an afternoon excursion into the park. ChemE followed me from LRO and since jross was here on springbreak and staying in Sevierville, he met us at the trailhead. When I pulled up to the parking area, there was 1 parking spot. Since ChemE's car is just a little nicer than mine, I let him have it while I drove around. I eventually found a spot down the road. I got ready to go and walked down to the trailhead to meet them. I really wasn't expecting such wimps. They both had waders on. Jross is from Indiana and I figured he had ice in his viens and could stand the cold. I was wrong.

    We headed up the trailhead. I told them that I wanted to stop and take some pictures of some flowers, and jross imediately says "there's one".
    First Trillium of the year.

    We walked upstream about 25 minutes and found a place to hop in. It was a lousy choice. It was cramped quarters and hard for three of us to fish. We bushwhacked our way back out to the trail and headed upstream about another 100 yards to a nice side trail that led to the stream.

    With plenty of room to spread out we started to fish.

    I think jross saw me with the camera and was doing his best Captain Morgan's impression.

    I hung to the back and proceeded to impress these guys with the quality of fish I was catching.

    I hung into another monster.

    In the end, I caught around 6 fish. Not a great day, but it was alot of fun fishing with these guys. I know jross probably outfished both ChemE and I put together. Not bad for somebody that lives in a state with no trout.

    The fishermen in action.

    I did see what was probably a tree full of Oyster mushrooms, but I was on the wrong side of the river to pick them. Man, they would have been good to eat.
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