Ok guys I need some advice, I read the forums everyday but rarely post. I will be going to New Symrna beach for vaction in the middle of June and was hoping to do some fishing while I was down there. Laying on the beach for 6 hours isn't my type of vacation, I will leave that for my wife to enjoy . I have read online that the Indian river and Mosquito lagoon are great fishing options down there. What I want to know, is where should/can I fish down there on land and have a good opportunity to catch some fish. Yes I know getting a guide who has a boat would be the ideal option but this trip has to be budget friendly. Even if I only catch one fish I will be happy. So basically...where should I go while I am down there, should I concentrate on surf fishing or should I try the rivers and lagoons. Are there public acces spots on the rivers and lagoons that I can access by land? Can you fish in any of the parks or reserves down there? Would these be good options? Also if you have any recommendations on tackle and gear that would be appreciated to. Thanks in advance for your responses. Hope to post some pictures of some fish when I return.