It looks as though I'll be in Roanoke from April 27-30 for a continuing ed class. The class is going to be fairly easy, leaving my evenings free to do some fishing. I've got a few questions if anyone would be willing to answer them.

1. I've noticed the Roanoke River runs right through town and has a delayed harvest section. Is this decent fishing? If so, what are the usual flies?

2. I'd rather fish for wild trout and know the George Washington NF is relativelly close. Could I get to areas to fish within an hour or so drive? I expect my class to end daily at 4, an hour drive, 30 minute hike, and I'd still have a couple hours to fish.

3. What is the best book to get that explains Virginia's fishing waters?

Feel free to shoot me an email if you don't wish to post on a public forum.

Thanks in advance.