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Just a side thought, but with proper management the clinch could more then likely sustain itself. However, it would take a massive shift in regulations, and a complete clean out of the anderson county human gene pool to be

I say the state should manage our hatcheries, and sell a trout harvest license. This license should cost enough to support the hatcheries, and the funds solely used for those purposes.

Here's another thought, stop stocking catchable sized fish, they are more expensive to raise. Stop stocking sub par rivers/streams as put and take. Raise only fingerlings, and only stock them in waters which can support trout year round with no exceptions.

Seems simple enough to solve if you ask me.
Interesting points Jim, I'll over look the "complete clean out of the anderson county geen pool" part. In regards to the harvest license that would take more inforcement to up hold that. However stocking fingerlings would be a good move, but you know as well as I do dumb *** people would try to keep them a mess of those little guys aswell. I have seen it!

Why not lower the number from 7 to 4? You can't tell me that the normal size family can sit down and eat 7 trout at one supper. Also, move the slot limit size down or make the river from say Millers island down a catch and release only section? Or **** give the freezer filler folks the weir pool to catch their dinner and leave the rest of the river alone.

Delayed harvest has proven to work well on many of rivers as well. But with all that said its going to take a lot of work from our local wardens to up hold some of these ideas and with only two wardens covering Anderson county that would be hard to do. In the many many years of fishing the river I have only been checked one time.