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    For those wanting to know Tellico was at full pool and had a water temp of 63 degrees thursday. I caught crappie 18 inchs deep under brush. The walleye are starting to turn on but, still not "hot" yet. I fished 4 hours the other night and only caught 1 but, she was a 27 inch 7 lb female that I turned back. I don't know how this rain and cold snap will affect them but, they should start to fish better every day.
    The Buffalo carp are running up Citico Creek and have been for about a week now. If you want in on the snagging action you better hurry. I snagged two the other day that I had to get in the water with to lift up.
    Something interesting were all the smallies following the spawning buffalo. There were some really nice smallies devouring the eggs that would be pushed out in the fish orgy.
    Norris lake was SMOKING hot for walleye last week according to my uncle but, again I don't know what this weather will do to them. The water temp was alittle low running about 55 degrees.

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    Thanks for another nice report on the Tellico and Citico. Hopefully by next Wednesday, if the river has come up due to rain this past few days, it will be down by then or close. Watching the gages and hoping, keeping my fingers crossed...and my toes! LOL!

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