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    Thought I would share a pattern I have great success with locally. It has been very deadly in the spring and summer on slower waters. I would think it could work well on some sections of the Clinch. I fish this both as a emergent and like a small wet fly.

    Hook: Mustad 3906 size 18 - 12
    Tail: 3 strands moose mane
    Body: Built up with muskrat then covered with stripped peacock hearl
    Thorax: Peacock hearl
    Wing: 2 grizzly hackle tips

    On the fly pictured I tied the tail about twice as long as called for. I do this on this fly about half the time. I think it works as a trigger point.

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    Looks good and you have a good report on its success. Why not use deer hair in place of the hackle, sort of like an EHC? Thansk for sharing the recipe and the photos.

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