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    Default "Fishing the Streams" Photos Idea, Take 2

    4/26 UPDATE: Instead of the the approach discussed below, I plan to solict input at Troutfest. Let me know when you visit our booth if you have some such photos and/or interest in making some available. Looking foward to seeing everyone there.


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    I enjoyed Byron's 4/22/2011 "Fishing Report" which included the topic of smart phones and the possible implications of the devices letting others know where you go, even where you fish. This got me thinking about sharing a idea I have been considering a while: Photos on "Fishing the Streams" or similarly named, pages on my web site, To in order to do, I would prefer inviting fellow anglers to submit photos for consideration and, in so doing, agree to the caption showing the general stream and/or watershed name, the year the photo was taken and their first name and hometown.

    The idea is to include the angler in the photo, but to showcase our great fishery. The way it would work is to have your buddy take a photo of you fishing in the Park. The photo would need to show as much of the stream itself as possible to be appealing, but in a way that would not divulge too much about the spot.

    To help with filtering out stuff from imposters or unscrupulous Photoshop users, the person who submits a photo would need to be, for example, a member in good standing of this or other well established message boards. The "Fishing the Streams" web page would include a prominent mention of and a link to the web site of the message board host(s).

    Please, do not submit any photos at this time. Instead, let us know if you might consider taking part in such a feature. If you have concerns about such a feature, or implementing it the way discussed above, please share that. If you prefer to e-mail me your thoughts instead, please send to .

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    “Joe” Fred Turner

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