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Thread: Trolling motor

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
    You will need a 50+ # thrust to navigate upwards on the Clinch on one generator. The issue will come when you start looking at 24v trolling motors; then you will need two-batteries.
    If you are only using it to head upstream, a small gas motor might be a better option. For example I have a 3 hp Tanaka that weighs only 24 lbs. 3hp is roughly 200 lbs of thrust. A single deep-cycle marine battery is going to be 60+ lbs.

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    Post Helpful HIN/BIN Information & Links

    *Guys, you want to get your boat registered if at all possible. You will have to pay about $9 a year to maintain it and incur potential tax fees in the beginning. However; this will help protect your boat from theft and allow you to recover it if stolen. Also; it will allow you to insure the boat. It is fairly affordable to get property insurance and liability insurance for a boat. Also; this helps with piece of mind. Please note that most insurers utilize a $500 incident deductible unless you request something lower.

    This link answers the TWRA/State questions:

    *However, the counties have different requirements. Most boats will have a HIN or BIN number if you look good enough. On Aluminum boats; check the transom area for numbers that have been filled in with paint.

    HIN Location and link to request form:

    Hull ID Numbers and how to interpret them:

    Manufacturer ID Information:
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    Default HIN on a drift boat

    Had my visit from the TWRA agent on Friday to assign a HIN to my boat. As it turned out it already had one but not on the transom. The agent informed me that typically boat manufacturers put them in more than one place. My drift boat had it near the nose under the outside edge. The agent said that even though it had a HIN since it wasn't displayed on the transom it was good that I submitted the form to get one assigned and the boat inspected. They are going to make one that matches my boat to put on the transom.

    I guess when the previous owner had my boat reglassed the one on the hull was covered.

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