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Thread: Removing Fly from Tree Tool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rog 1 View Post
    From an early age I found that casting to the trout up there was like Charlie Brown and his kite....its going to eventually end up in a tree some where....this usually happens on the last false cast before dropping the fly in front of a huge trout

    I with you on that one. And yes, it always seems to be on the last false cast before presenting the fly. Wonder if I'm letting the rod come back to far in order to gain distance. The trees on the SoHo are populated with my flies.


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    Thanks for everyones help,

    Thought i would at least post the model i ended up getting, and i found it appropriate that it is made in Western North Carolina.

    Hope it is ok to post someones web site but here it is.

    theflysaver dot com

    Now you guys will not be able to get at least all my lost flies,

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    Is that legal for use in the park? I don't know what they consider to be forbidden in terms of things that cut or trim the vegetation. Looks very handy, though!

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