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    My son Jack and I had plans to go to troutfest together on Saturday but we first stopped over at Chilhowee Lake and he caught his first fish. He was so excited. I got skunked though .

    Anyway we went back across the foothills parkway around 1pm and saw some mtn laurel blooming at full peak all up there on the way to troutfest.

    Got to troutfest around 2 and stayed till 5. We had a great time. Here are some pics.

    UT apiaries bee exhibit

    Ice cream!

    Jack got one of those troutfest posters and got it signed by all of the celebrities in attendance. He made sure to tell Lefty Kreh, Bob Clouser, Joe Humphries, and Tom Rosenbauer how he caught his first fish that day and Daddy didn't catch any. Here is Joe Humphreys signing his poster.

    Finally the biggest celebrity of all JoeFred from signing Jack's poster.

    Jack asked me this morning on the way to school if troutfest was this week he said he wanted to go back. Thanks so much to all the volunteers who helped make this happen.
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