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Thread: Planning our 2nd Trip - need advice

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    Normally I agree with Rog1 and Grannyknot but I stayed at 21 in March and hated it. The map said the little river was just .10 miles away but it seemed a lot farther away (maybe cause it was a climb to get up there) was definitely not very convenient for fishing. 24 and 60 are both right on the water so I am biased. Also it was wet then and 21 was like a swamp not a dry spot to put up a tent but luckily I had a hammock. The company was aweful too since I was the only one there that night lol. I won't stay there again but I love 18 and 24 and also 39 that JayB mentioned next to pretty hollow creek.

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    Adam...thanks for the input...I have not been to 21 and only suggested it since it is a shorter hike up the LR trail...personally I could never understand the reason why they put in another campsite at that the fact that at 24 you can crawl out of your tent and start fishing...will be up there in June with my son for his farwell college tour of the park...

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    I just got back from a trip with my seven year old to deep creek. I posted a report "three days on Deep Creek", but I will be happy to provide you with some further info if you would like.


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