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    Talking Cobia OTF 5/21 with fixed video link

    I went cobia fishing with a fly for the first time last weekend. I went with a friend of mine in my fly fishing club that is our local Cobia OTF expert. We saw 3 fish, two of which I cast to. Conditions were tough, with the wind causing waves and tough conditions to spot the fish.

    The first fish was moving right at us with the current when I saw it. I cast, but ended up behind the fish. Paul flipped a fly in front of the fish, and it turned, but we lost it under the boat.

    I cast to one other fish, turned it and it was moving after my fly when I ran out of room and the fish disappeared under the boat.

    On Friday the 20th I went out for the first time by myself. Driving the boat while looking for fish, and being ready to cast and casting all with two hands can be challenging. I saw a total of 4 fish, three of which I was able to cast to. I stuck 2 of the 3.

    I spoted the 1st one and did it picture perfect, I turned the boat paralell to the fish, waited until the boat was just past the fish and dropped that fly right in front of the cobia. He turned but then quickly turned back so I picked up the fly and put it just past his head, then stripped it quickly right past his nose. As soon as that fly cleared his nose he turned and nailed it. I strip set and the fish started to run and broke me off rather quickly, the second one I fought for about 5 minutes when he spit the fly. The third fish turned and followed, but then I lost sight of the fish behind the boat. I am not complaining, I stuck 2 of 3 fish that I cast to.

    On Saturday I went out with my friend Paul, and it was a perfect day. The water was like glass, you would be able to see a fish from hundreds of yards away.....and we did not see anything for 4 hours of the most glassy conditions I have ever seen. We finally spotted on fish, went after it, then lost it. Paul spotted another and made a cast and fish on. It was a smaller cobia, but put on a good fight. Right when he got it to the boat snap...a rod broke. The fish was still on and as he was fighting it he looked up and spotted another cobia coming towards us.....I got my rod unlimbered and Fish On! Who would have thought that we would end up with a double on cobia on the fly. We landed both fish. Mine was 29 inch Fork Length and his was 27 inch fork length. Both fish were under the limit and released.

    Two cobia in the net

    John and Paul holding our cobia double otf

    My fish

    Paul is our local expert when it comes to catching cobia otf. I have about 8 1/2 minutes of video that I will try and upload and post later. The fly you see in my fish is one I had just tied the night before. I call it Cobia Crack!

    Here is a picture of my cobia fly

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