After my trip to the Clinch on Sunday I have decided I need to get a 5wt rod. I have casted a friends 9' Z-axis, it is great, much better than my SP and it pretty much had me sold 6 months ago.

Then I started reading about the St. Croix Legend Elites and others using the new 3M technology and was wondering peoples thoughts that may have casted both of these rods and could compare them for me. I for sure would not buy one without taking one out for a spin but at this point I am just looking for general opinions and I figured this would be the best place to get them.

The other thing that was appealing is the fact I can probably get a 7wt bank robber and 5wt legend elite for a little extra money on top the price of a Z-axis 5wt. Two rods are always better than one right?