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Thread: Thinking of a new 5wt

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    I talked to their rep, he said that their rods were within fractions of an ounce of the helios, but is hard to get a true judge since they are 3 inches longer. If you are interested in Mystic let me know because I can get you $50 off from an online shop in Florida.
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    Don't know if you are still looking for a rod or not, but I was in LRO today and they had a Scott E2 5-wt on clearance. It was marked as 50% off retail price! I think it retailed for $450 and was marked down to $225.

    I don't know much about that line of rods, but it sounds like an amazing deal.

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    had a chance to fish the Mystic 9"3' m series 4 wt rod yesterday on the S Holston what a nice rod.great 6x tippet protection fishing dry& emerger no lost fish and no break offs. cast long and short really well and mends . 60 to 70 ft cast no problem without halling. i don't know what is considered a dry fly rod [ i have heard this term for 40 yrs still don't what that means] but this rod does a great job.i encourage LRO to consider stocking this product.

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    I have read a lot about the mystics and they have me interested. I think I am still sticking with a Z-axis at this point. I am going to have a chance to try a red truck diesel 5wt that a buddy has. I have never really casted a scott that I like, hard to beat that price though.

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    Im going to be picking up a TFO BVK 9' 5 wt here soon. Been playing around with one and really like these rods for the money.

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    rbreedi1..........please post your opinion of the BVK when you can. I have a 3 weight that may pass up the finesse 2 wt. for the number one slot. I have not had the courage to try the z-axis. I tend to get addicted to fine fly rods and go into the shakes........!!!! I am sure some of you have heard those famous more fly rod and I am going to............!!!!
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    Initially in this post I said I was thinking of a new 5 weight rod. I also said I was impressed with the Hardy Zenith. I had the opportunity while fishing Michigan this past week to use a new Hardy Zenith in a 9 foot four weight configuration. It also had a new Ross F1 reel on it. It belonged to Josh who manages Gate's Au Sable Lodge. Josh said the boys from Hardy told him they thought the 9 foot four weight was the best performing Rod in the series. Josh said he thought so too and encouraged me to use it for a day. After using it for the day I promptly bought one with the Ross reel. I was that impressed. I think it will be my new spring creek rod!

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