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That temp was taken on the lower river at about 7:30 this morning. I can say that the water did feel very cold through my waders this morning compared to last week. But, I could have just been standing still in deep water for longer periods of time.

As far as the thermometer goes, I have not checked its accuracy. It is one of the Orvis digital thermometers, and I wouldn't put it past them to distribute those without a calibration.
Thanks Travis for answering. I have had issues with discrepancies in my thermometers before. I have been using one of the metal tube type thermometers that allows me to drop it on a rope at different depths from my waist. It seems pretty accurate from checking it with other devices.

You reading was probably correct at that time frame and being close to the dam. Actually, I need to clarify that I have not checked that area in about a month or so-at that time frame.

Thanks for your report and helpful information bud.

This fly has been working very well for me lately and if you tie it; keep it unweighted.

NOTE: I found this picture on the net; I actually tie mine with with a reverse pheasant tail wrap forward, add a wire rib; then flare the pheasant tail ends back.