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    Default Lost Fly Rod

    Lost my fly rod @ Elkmont 4wt. 8'6 ft Thomas and Thomas with a Ross reel. Whats so bad I borrowed it from my wife. There will be a reward.
    Thanks, Lynn 865-228-3750 cell

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    Hate to hear that..hope it gets found and returned. How'd you lose it?

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    Lightbulb Label your gear!

    I am sure you have your name and contact information on it like I have recommended in many of my posts. - j/k I hate that you lost it and I hope someone gets it back to you quickly.

    Just a reminder to others; place an address label or a piece of paper on the inside of your reel where you normally place you line information label. You can put a piece of clear tape over it to help it last. Then; you at-least have a chance to get it back. I find tons of things on the river and rarely do they have contact information on them.

    Maybe you could call the ranger station and have them keep a look out for it...?
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    You know I dont know how I lost the thing. Got through fishing with a buddy who was camped there, walked straight to the dinner table and ate. That's it that's all I recall. Just me being a numb nutt. Can you here that its a toilet flushing.
    Lynn aka Numb Nutt

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    Lynn I wonder if someone grabbed it. I have a friend who had some rods stolen at Indian Boundary a couple of years back. Sorry you lost it. If it were me I would just leave my number with the ranger station there in case someone turns it in.

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    Had my friend check the station,he left my info. thanks for the ideas though.

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